Wildcat Ridge: The Wilderness Refined

Locals will tell you that at one point in time, the acres of open plains off of Highway 171 in Godley was home to large cats like Bobcats and Mountain Lions. Today, most of the big cats no longer roam the land but their majestic presence can still be felt in the aptly named development, Wildcat Ridge.

Just as open and free as ever, Wildcat Ridge is Premier Homes' largest development to date, spanning over 300 acres. Wildcat Ridge’s main entrance is off of Hwy 171 but will have additional entrances located at FM 2331 and CR 913, all of which will be gated. Lots sizes in Wildcat Ridge range from .25 acres to 2 acres with the average lot size being .5 acres. The lead in size of homes in Wildcat Ridge is 2000sqft at a base price of $250,000.

Godley is 25 minutes from Fort Worth but the drive is even more convenient now that the Chisolm Trail Parkway is open. And speaking of open, Godley's brand new high school will open for its first year this fall. These two new additions to Godley are the first of many that will make this already great town an even better place for you and your family to call home

This August, we will start the construction of four spec homes, all on acre lots.  So far Wildcat Ridge is home to seven happy Premier Homes customers. Please see the plat of our second phase below and contact our team if you are interested in joining the club!